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Valladolid, Mexico

An extraordinary land deserved a hotel inspired 
in her.

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A hotel that offers its own version of sleeping under the trees.

Oriundo is a flagship luxury hotel, inspired by the greatness of the Mayan civilization and its legacy in today's culture. 5 minutes from the historic city of Valladolid, between Cancún and Mérida, 12 exclusive villas rise imposingly among the vegetation that has been carefully preserved, to the extent that some trees are within the intimate spaces; the sun sets with the song of the large flock of birds that live here.


Live a unique experience of relaxation and well-being.

Breathe Native, 
breathe out peace



Enjoy every moment of your stay.


With activities with high contact with the local culture such as the production of internationally valued honey, the planting of corn, the exquisite cuisine of the southeast of Mexico or the connection to the natural ecosystem with the beautiful Saamal cenote as a gateway to the underworld; Staying in Oriundo is a luxury, not only because of the exclusivity of its high quality of service, but also because of the opportunity to assertively feel the worldview of this region of the world, and perhaps,find something new in yourself.


We work close to the best regional producers to bring you the best ingredients. Fresh and environmentally friendly foods to nourish your body and mind.



It is possible that we experience extraordinary things if we have an open heart, but surrounded by a unique environment, it is safe.



Enjoy several activities that we have especially to connect you with nature.


Saamal Cenote

Spend an unforgettable experience in our Saamal cenote, let yourself be pampered by the majesty of nature that surrounds you

“The reason for our success is no secret. It is the simple idea of offering all our guests the service they deserve.”

CEO Oriundo Hotel

Full name

A perfect place.

Oriundo is located in a magical setting, surrounded by exuberant vegetation and a peaceful atmosphere. The original architecture and minimalist design are an ode to the history and lifestyle of the region before its discovery. 

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